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What are the main factors affecting the production efficiency of the sanding mill

The first thing that needs to be explained is the issue of efficiency, which has always been constantSand GrinderGrinding capacity, the quality of the whole of one of the standards, then which aspects can affect its efficiency?
In fact, summed up is nothing more than: mixing equipment shape and grinding room, structure, data, zirconia bead scale and so on.
As a result of these elements, it is necessary to select the grinding medium according to the specific gravity to grind the slack with a certain viscosity of the first, two particles, slurry
The diameter of the abrasive beads used in the sanding machine is 0.005mm-3.0mm However, as the nanoscale of the material becomes more and more refined, the selection of this abrasive medium is becoming more and more ultrafine, and the following figure shows an increase in the number of abrasive media:


For example, beads are added between contact points that come into contact with particles that are guessed by the pulp.
The particle size of a particle represents the dispersion of 15nm of titanium oxide. Choosing a smaller bead is better than achieving a smaller particle scale, and it is possible to determine that the results obtained in the diagram have outstanding dispersion efficiency.
However, if the diameter of the rotor becomes smaller, it reduces the share of the cube, the mass of the abrasive beads, and then reduces the kinetic energy of the particles. So the most suitable rotor or dispersion disk or turbine.
In addition to the many elements mentioned above that have a high impact on grinding, there are other details such as: workmanship, machining accuracy, operation mode, material properties understanding, feed speed, selection of abrasive beads, etc.
In short, the impact of material grinding efficiency is basically the above so many, technical trust is generally a bit of strength sanding machine manufacturers can do a good job, structural design and material selection, and so on need manufacturers have rich industry production experience and technical reserves.
Daily protection and maintenance, operator's technical training, operation experience heap and so on is also very important, not to despise because it is also related to the life of the sanding machine.

Sand mill dynamic Closed leak-proof mode:
The standard types of dynamic closed assemblies used by wet sanding machines are:
(i) Lip shaft seal-exterior type as shown in figure six, with sufficient sealing capacity, a number of disadvantages are:
Easy to have abrasive production, especially at high rotational speed;
The service life is lower than that of mechanical shaft seal;
Low stability of pressure resistance;
Not suitable for closed continuous pressurization planning, especially horizontal horizontal grinding machines.

Fig. Six Lip type Axial seal intention

Fig. Seven double mechanical shaft seal

(ii) Mechanical shaft seal: The outer type is shown in Figure seven. According to the actual test results, the sealing effect, stability, life span and wear resistance are better than that of lip shaft seal.