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An article to let you know the development of nano-grinder

Nano Grinding MachineIt is a new type of grinder. With imported high-precision double-end mechanical seal, you can use Zui small grinding medium. Material with the feed pump from the top into the grinding cavity, in the strong grinding process, the rod pin and stator on the grinding medium continuous attack violent hit, grinding media again used for materials, materials are abundant grinding, in the outlet, because the density is different, the grinding medium back to the grinding cavity, but the material in the feed pump pressure through the gap separator flow out of the Early originated in Germany, used in carbon nanotubes, nano-data pigments, nano-coatings, inks, inkjet inks, batteries, functional ceramics, photovoltaic materials, cosmetics, food, protein and other ranges. Our life is inseparable from the grinding process, daily touch of a variety of small parts, mechanical parts, metal workpieces and so on, its processing materials are very wide , high machining precision. Grinding is an important processing method in ultra-fine machining. With the development and innovation of science and technology, the grinder has a leap to break in grinding skills.
Because the grinding principle is to grind through the collision inside the machine, the larger the object, the less grinding point, because the volume is very large occupies a lot of space, these spaces are difficult and abrasive touch. Small size, will be very perfect and abrasive touch, touch points become more, grinding out of the beads is very fine, the effect is significantly improved. So being able to grind the beads of zui new particles well is an important measure of grinding function. Now the world's more advanced grinding can grind 0.2mm of beads. Grinding function in a step by step improvement, such as the size of the cylinder block smaller, sand Mill touch Parts selected hard wear-resistant cemented carbide and ceramics and other high-function materials.
However, the traditional grinding process has been constrained in its use, and there are some disadvantages, such as low processing efficiency, high processing cost, stable machining precision and unstable processing quality. With the development and innovation of science and technology, nano-grinder in the grinding skills have a leap to break, such as magnetic grinder to solve the traditional grinding of most of the shortcomings, improve the level of grinding skills, in ensuring the precision of grinding processing and processing quality (reached the nanometer level) together, but also significantly reduce processing costs, improve processing efficiency, The further practicality of grinding skills is conducive to the popularization and use of grinding skills, promoting the advancement of fine processing skills and advanced production skills in China, and enhancing the competitive strength of our country in the category of processing and production, especially for the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base has a very important practical significance.
Advanced processing and production industry and optical electronics industry are China's characteristic industry and dominant industry, but also China's key development of industry, grinding and processing skills for the development of these two industries have an important role. The Nano-grade high efficiency grinding skills developed in this project have significant advantages in processing power, processing cost, processing quality and machining accuracy, and have a good prospect of use. The project team developed the selection of this new skill of grinding, that is, the modern high-speed grinding machine. Because of advanced functions, the relevant grinding prototypes have been used in more than 10 of domestic units, and also exported to Australia two times, by domestic and foreign users throughout the praise. This skill is limited to the processing of a single piece, can not be used throughout, but also to further improve the processing process, optimize the grinding process parameters, expand the scale of grinding processing, but also to improve the grinding, improve the grinding function, improve the grinding shape, so that it reaches the degree of practicality, commercialization, in order to promote the use of more widely.
With the rapid development of China's economy and production, the production and demand of grinding machinery in the world are carrying grinding manufacturers to China. Major producers in China to open factories, its main parts manufacturers are also attracted to China's processing equipment. One of the major obstacles to the development of grinding machinery in China is the lack of supply of high-quality parts, but now there are changes. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to attach importance to the development of fine grinding equipment in China.