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Nano Sand Mill Factory teaches you how to distinguish the true and false of nanomaterials

  Nano Sand GrinderPopular today, so that nanomaterials flourish, but nanomaterials also have real false, the market can be seen everywhere flagged " Nano "products, the variety of real people eye-catching, can say that all walks of life can see the figure of Nano, but, the industry to boast of Nano-general products to defraud customers of the news is also not fresh, in the end how customers distinguish between true and false nano? The good way to Zui is to see if the product has applied for a nano-marker. Of course, some small factories may also prove that they are nano-products, but perhaps people with scientific practice can read the test statement, the general public is more difficult to understand. Unless you've seen it with your own eyes. The material has been ground by a nano-sanding machine. The Ministry of Economy began to promote the guidelines for the certification of Nano-products in 2004, the current applications are: Nano-deodorization coatings, nano-photocatalyst, nano-antibacterial lamps, nano-clean ceramic tiles, nano-antibacterial ceramic tiles, nano-anti-fouling coatings, nano-anti-fouling toilets and so on. Taking nano-photocatalyst antibacterial lamps as an example, the Ministry of Economy determined that there are three projects, first of all, the size of raw materials is necessary less than 100 nm (nano-grinding machine precision grinding in the future fineness), the second is the antimicrobial rate necessary to reach the standard, the third is the nano-photocatalyst lamp has the necessary fit standards, after these three validations The Ministry of Economy will only award product Nano-labeling chapters. Therefore, in order to protect the rights and interests of customers, the purchase of nano-products, we must pay attention to whether or not affixed with nano-mark.
Discover the propaganda trap of fake nano
Nanotechnology products are very sought-after products in the 21st century, many touted nanomaterials manufacturing products, flooded around us, it is disturbing that some products take advantage of Nano's fame, under the guise of nano-products to defraud customers. But Nano and small to the naked eye can not distinguish, customers how to distinguish which product is true nano-products? Which product is fake again? We can see the clues from the propaganda products. For example, fake nano-products, often like to refer to the molecular size of the concept of related concepts, but can not clearly explain the product specifically in line with which nano-scale will occur at the special phenomenon. You know, nano-products are not only shrinking scale, but also need to focus on the function and characteristics of scale reduction. In addition, fake nano-products in the promotion, like to use surface diffusion, immersion and other related principles to mix customers, but do not cite the product nano-role is indeed better than the general product. Fake Nano often converts certain laboratory conditions (such as vacuum conditions) to the special phenomenon of seizures, to the general environment, but still focuses on the role of the original data. Also, fake products love to focus on the role of Nano-products (such as antibacterial deodorization), but there is a lack of scientific evidence to prove that the structure, physical or chemical properties of the product is indeed nano-grade characteristics. The real Nano is after the nano-sanding mill grinding the entire molecular structure attack changes, resulting in many characteristics of the attack changes, and after the nano-sanding machine nano-dispersion is very uniform, many can be coated may be used for product proofing can see the role. In a comprehensive statement, fake nano-products often use exaggerated and untrue advertising to deceive customers.
Of course, the way to distinguish between true and false nano-Zui is to see if the product has been affixed with nano-mark, perhaps see for yourself whether there has been a nano-sanding machine This grinding procedure, which is a relatively simple way to distinguish true and false nano products.