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A brief talk on the more suitable pumps of horizontal grinding machine

Now due to environmental awareness of the advance, energy conservation and emission reduction, energy-saving and carbon reduction requirements are also higher, saving energy and reducing pump life cycle cost has gradually formed a trend. Mechanical shaft seal and shaft seal system is also a very important part of pump use, the selection of the correct shaft seal type and system, for the whole system system operation stability and reliability has a very large impact, for the chemical industry on the pump requirements are increasingly harsh, such as horizontal sanding machine used in the diaphragm pump, it is more than the general pump acid and alkali resistance , corrosion, but also can twitch high viscosity of the material.
1. With the advance of mechanical manufacturing technology and the improvement of pump design, pump manufacturers have increased the pumping body to high-power machines in recent years. But the cost and energy consumption of the whole is affected by a variety of factors, including the design of the system, equipment installation equipment and the operation of the system and maintenance. Using intelligent manipulation to improve pumping systems to reach energy conservation and reduce life cycle costs is a subject that is gradually being valued.
2.SUNDYNE pump (millcn.com) has become the industry's low flow, the pump synonym for the lift, has been used in the industry for more than 50 years, including a single-segment and multi-segment type. Sundyne pumps Follow the Regulations API 610 and are classified as OH6 type. The horizontal multi-segment pump of Sundyne is produced under the condition that the output of the demand process is increased and the demand pressure of the pump outlet is advanced. Sundyne pump for centrifugal high-speed pump, including gearbox to do a faster use, suitable for the process use not only high power and equipment reliability is good, its characteristics for high speed/lift, the use of high speed of the principle of operation, in order to reach the requirements.
3. Centrifugal pumps are very widely used equipment in industry (sometimes also suitable forHorizontal Grinding Machine), so the pump normal operation and adequate protection or not enough to sway the power of the process. Because the leakage of the pump can be an important safety issue, the environment and operators have a direct relationship, the selection of appropriate mechanical shaft seal is an important consideration to improve the safety of the process. In centrifugal pumps, shaft sealing and shaft sealing systems are very important components. As the pump shell must be drilled to allow the shaft to reach, in order to prevent leakage phenomenon, from the early years of the urgent shaft seal (millcn.com), to the recent years of mechanical shaft seal, the ability to prevent leakage is not the same. If the operating fluid is not hazardous, a pressing shaft seal can be used. However, in order to maintain the normal rolling of the pump shaft, there is a need to maintain a certain gap between the urgent shaft seal and the shaft, so the leakage is much larger than the mechanical shaft seal. Therefore, for the petrochemical plant with high leakage control requirements, the use of better sealing mechanical shaft seal, is a certain choice. The operation of the pump often occurs on the shaft seal, but the problem is not necessarily the formation of the axle seal itself, it may be that the selection of the shaft seal is not appropriate, or the operator of the shaft seal is not known and improper operation caused. According to the important classification of shaft seal, as the basis of shaft seal selection, and then elucidate the important choice parameters of mechanical shaft seal selection, in order to facilitate the normal operation of the pump, reduce maintenance costs.
4. The use of acid-resistant pumps in industry is appropriate and extensive, including their usefulness, how to choose the right type, structural elucidation and material selection are all necessary special attention in the treatment of highly corrosive fluids. Sulfuric acid because of its high corrosive and high risk, usually in the selection of anti-corrosion, non-leakage and low pollution as the principle, in order to meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, the appropriate selection will be avoided unnecessary maintenance costs, and can extend the life of the pump. Common acid, corrosion resistance, high safety function of the pump is a common diaphragm pump in horizontal sanding machine, because it is the air pressure as the power source, so very safe and reliable, and then a because the structure of simple protection is convenient, generally in the horizontal sanding machine when most of the use of pneumatic diaphragm pump, because of its acid and alkali resistance function is very strong, The internal diaphragm is imported Teflon material, this kind of pump in the chemical machinery industry position is appropriate high.