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Do you know what the performance characteristics of nano-sanding machines are?

Wet methodNano Sand GrinderIntroduced:
Wet nano-sanding machine crushing and dispersion to nano-size particle dispersion skills are mainly widely used in: nano-skill paint, ink, electronic data, battery data, cosmetics, semiconductor polishing agent, photocatalyst, such as carbon nanotubes.
It mainly has experimental nano-sand grinder, mass production type of large nano-sand grinder, at present our skills can support Zui large 150L nano-sanding mill.
Ideal for the movement of zirconia beads (Fig. 2)


One of the key points of nano-sanding mill is to select the type of Zirconia bead, and the common nano-sand grinder has a strong shear dispersion or crushing of the material. Therefore, the structure of the grinding chamber is that the energy density of the part takes a narrow structure and is used effectively to make the crushing and dispersion in a dense condition.
However, when the object has high added value of the processing product characteristics, there will be new problems. Because it will be excessively dispersed, damage to the particles will appear to be lost. So nano-sanding is a good solution to this problem because its beads are not only in the circumference direction, radial direction and axial direction of the mixer and grinding Chamber of the three-dimensional movement of the design.
Unique Active Induction Alarm: pressure alarm, temperature alarm, level alarm, cooling alarm and so on, it can intelligently distinguish the operation of the machine and timely supply of the alarm for the operator to provide convenience people wit can operate the interface to make the operation tips more humane, the interface beautiful and generous all high-end luxury, interactive discrimination system.
In addition to active alarms, intelligent systems can also provide active protection, when the work pressure is too high, intelligent system supply alarm, if there is no operator to deal with the abnormal during the safe time, the machine will be safe and active downtime to prevent the customer material due to the grinding process temperature is too high, the machine can also set a temperature cordon, When the temperature rises to a certain extent, the alarm will also automatically stop to protect the customer's materials.