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An article to let you know the structure principle of the rod pin sanding machine

  Rod PIN Grinding MachineAlso known as Rod nail sanding machine, rod grinding machine, or pin rod type sanding machine; The reference is all the same type of sanding machine, the structure principle of the rod pin sand grinder is different from the ordinary disc sanding machine, turbo-type sanding machine, the following is the rod pin sand mill principle structure and computer simulation design analysis of the relevant content:
Powder Engineering (The following powder particles are imitated by powder imitation computer imitation) The design of the equipment and the computer imitation of the particle design. The powder mimics the tumbling pelletizing ball mill for grinding. Here, the use of computer simulation imitation can help the design of the equipment, especially the powder imitation grinding analysis of the nano-particles zui good grinding effect.
Particle reduction can significantly improve material or chemical properties and can see new improvements. There are two ways to crush small particles to the nanometer level: one is the gas phase and the other is the liquid phase. Because it is a mass particle set in general, the condition of grinding dispersed nanoparticles using a rod pin type sanding machine. Even in the former method, a rod-pin grinder can be used as a collection of nanoparticles in a dispersion solution.
The rod pins, powders and beads on the rotor have been fixed in a container for high-speed grinding and dispersion and collisions with the rod pin grinder. The basic principle is simple, and the grinding function parameters (variables) are manifold.
For example, in grinding containers and operating parameters input hole glass beads of the size, speed, and rod pin design parameters, computer simulation system has been able to carry out messy imitation simulation design, such as car and aircraft design is based on computer simulation of the results of analysis.
It should be noted that this imitation system includes: grinding containers, multi-layer rod pins, grinding media, grinding materials, rotational speed and other important parameters.
The dispersion is ground in the rod pin grinder, and the important technical parameters such as the movement function, grinding function, temperature change, fineness change and so on can be found accurately by simulation imitation.
The above is the sanding machine manufacturers for everyone to do about the rod pin sanding machine summary,? Hope can help everyone!