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To show you how nano-sanding machines work.

The specific methods of mechanical dispersion are sand grinding dispersion, spherical grinding dispersion, high-speed mixing and so on. The method of sand grinding dispersion is to disperse nanoparticles into liquid phase media. The mechanical force generated by the high-speed rotating turbine causes the grinding medium to move at high speed in the mill, and the viscosity resistance of the grinding medium and slurry near the turbine exterior is accompanied by the turbine motion, throwingNano Sand GrinderThe grinding edge wall, the slurry is blocked and ground by the grinding medium, and the extrusion force and shear force between the abrasive medium are used to complete the sanding process.
In general, the powder materials are tightly stacked, there is a lot of air between the gaps in the powder. In the powder input dispersion medium, the liquid phase medium enters the internal channel and space from the bottom of the tightly stacked powder heap, while the replaced air is driven out by the top. Powder appendages (small holes) and highly viscous dispersion media will prevent this process.
The purpose of sanding is to break the particle aggregates in a mechanical way so that the entire appearance of each particle can be moist and then fully into the dispersed medium. Tightly stacked particles need to be dispersed, and the internal appearance of the dispersed medium is easy to moist as it decreases in volume. When the particles are moist in a dispersed medium, they are moved to the dispersion medium to make the moist particles evenly dispersed in space. Surround each individual particle or small party body with a satisfying dispersion medium to prevent future particles and particles from touching and cutting from the beginning of the party.
The main factor affecting the failure function of nano-sanding Mill is the surrounding direction speed of the grinding medium. Fig. 3.2 Shows the velocity dispersion of the sanding medium in the straight rod mixer, in which the circumference direction velocity is case, and its average v.
Θav speed gradient dvθ/dz, speed change e= (l/n) {case (z)-vθav (z)}?
Many experiments show that: the average speed of the sanding medium of nano-sanding mill is large, and the failure speed becomes larger, so the failure function is directly related to the velocity gradient, that is, the speed change of the sand grinding medium is large and the damage effect is good.
In addition, the technical parameters of extrusion force and shear force between sand grinding medium, such as dispersion method, slurry and sand grinding medium component ratio, sanding moment, solid content in slurry, sand grinding medium size, etc., will affect the dispersion of sand mill.