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  • Vacuum Feeding Machine

    Vacuum Feeding MachinePneumatic vacuum transport equipment is the use of compressed air as a power source to achieve the delivery of a variety of materials, it doContact Now

  • Hydraulic Extruder

    Hydraulic ExtruderExtruder is usually used in conjunction with mixers/mixers, containers, etc., to help high viscosity materials from the container emptying, Contact Now

  • Bucket Washing Machine

    Bucket Washing MachineHow it works:   1, cleaning control A: Through the solenoid valve control three cylinders telescopic, drive the opening and closing action Contact Now

  • Filters

    FiltersThe filter system contains a stainless steel standard type filter or iron remover, imported original pneumatic diaphragm pump, rotor pump orContact Now

  • Split Machine

    Split MachineFilling machine is mainly a small class of products in the packaging machine, from the packaging angle of the material can be divided into lContact Now

  • Barrel-Flip Machine

    Barrel-Flip MachineThe bucket machine is placed on the bottom of the bracket path, the fixed equipment is securely connected, and the bottom path rises under tContact Now

  • Inverted Bag Station

    Inverted Bag StationManually after the bag is broken open the material into the discharge station of the open bag equipment, according to the process requiremenContact Now

  • Storage tank

    Storage tankSteel sealed containers for storing liquids or gases are steel storage tanks, steel tank engineering is an essential and important basic equContact Now