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Grinding of sanding MachineWhy not achieve the desired fineness?
  • The type (size and proportion) of grinding medium is unreasonable;
  • The motor shaft beats too large, the bead distribution is not uniform;
  • Grinding does not reach the desired fineness
  • Model selection is unreasonable
  • Line speed is not up to
  • Irregular use of personnel
  • Insufficient temperature control
  • Unreasonable pump speed adjustment
  • Cooling system is not up to
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Quit equipment4 Great Advantages
Kui Te lapping Machine Equipment 4 Advantages
To provide you with high standards, personalized, advanced grinding machines and first-class solutions
1, a large number of customer cases, involving a wide range of industries
S is many cases and a wide range of industries.
  • Involved in the industry: dyes, pesticides, inks, lithium, rubber, Amin ceramics, inks, medicine and so on.
  • Service customers all over the country, the main distribution: Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Taiwan and so on International customers: USA, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, India and so on.
2, experienced, price concessions
Experience and preferential price
  • According to the different needs of customers to develop professional matching program, save customer costs, reduce energy consumption, increase production and thinning.
  • In the new material equipment selection to obtain customer praise, especially in the field of graphene, for customers to specify a variety of mature programs, domestic for a customer in Shandong design annual output of thousands of tons of production line, annual profit of 100 million, equipment products using German technology, high distribution stability, price concessions, technology in the industry leader.
A good team
Excellent team
  • Quit company development at the same time focus on team formation, after years of accumulation has been formed an excellent production team, sales team, technical team, after-sales team.
  • At any time to deal with customer issues, sales 24 hours, production 24 hours, after-sales 24-hour service concept, timely, fast and effective handling of problems for customers, now quit team has been all over the provinces and cities, serving thousands of customers, for the subsequent customer service has accumulated valuable experience.
Good after-sales service
Good after-sales service
  • Customer is God, quit company has been adhering to the service of customers, good service customer business management philosophy.
  • Now serve customers to do 0 complaints.
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Quit electromechanical Technology--Professional grinding machine sales and maintenance experts
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Quit technology is a professional engaged in wet grinding and fluid Stirring Technology Co., Ltd., the company has strong R & amp; d strength and production capacity, condensed the industry's professional engineering and technical elite, to provide our customers with more specialized wet grinding and fluid mixing solutions.
Quit group was founded in 2008, under the leadership of the group, has become China's wet grinding and fluid mixing industry, one of the leading drivers. Looking back at the development of the enterprise, we have had good times, there have been adversity, there have been brilliant, there have been setbacks, there have been experience, there have been lessons, but we have never given up!
Always work diligently, tireless study, painstaking thinking, ingenuity to create, face the challenge, the courage to fight, seize the opportunity, while winning forward ...
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Grinding machine line speed selection; customer process maturity; utility control; selection of raw materials; structure selection of sanding mill; selection of discharge form of sanding machine ...
First of all, before the grinding machine start work, please check whether the spindle rotation freely, during the operation of the inspection signal instructions (work instructions), after a period of use or a long time to deactivate, before use, should carry out maintenance inspection, especially in the electrical safety performance, can be used in the Gigabit table to detect insulation resistance ...
The line speed is not enough; the grinding medium selection does not match; The temperature control is not enough; the pumping speed adjustment is unreasonable; the rotor structure is unreasonable and the bead movement distribution is unreasonable ...