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  • Low Speed mixer

    Low Speed mixerLow-speed mixer is an efficient mixing mixing equipment, can be used frame type, anchor type, disc type, screw belt type, paddle type, propuContact Now

  • High speed dispersion machine

    High speed dispersion machineHigh-speed dispersion machine is mainly to the different viscosity slurry liquid material crushing dispersion, through the high-speed operatContact Now

  • Mixing tank

    Mixing tankThe kettle is through the study of the mixing and flow of materials in the reactor, using the experience formula of the study to plan out, vContact Now

  • Three-axis multifunctional mixer

    Three-axis multifunctional mixerMulti-function Mixer set low-speed strong stirring and high-speed LAX/emulsifying multi-functional in one, the medium and high viscosity andContact Now

  • Dual Planetary Power Mixer

    Dual Planetary Power MixerDual planetary Power Mixer is a new type of high-efficiency mixing equipment which mixes, dissolves, disperses and homogenization of a varieContact Now

  • Twin Planet Mixer

    Twin Planet MixerThe agitator blades of the two-planet mixer are rotated at the same time as the rotation, so that the material in the tank is looped up and Contact Now

  • Dual-Axis Multifunctional mixer

    Dual-Axis Multifunctional mixerNot easy to blister, low stirring shear force, about stirring, dispersion/emulsification can be carried out at the same time, can increase tContact Now