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A brief analysis of the configuration selection of the common horizontal grinding machine

  Horizontal Grinding MachineThe equipment is varied, of course, also depends on the customer grinding material nature, the optional range is very wide, because of non-standard equipment, so all equipment is in accordance with the customer's easy to use, to reach the customer's intended role as the intention, then the general equipment options are:
Production of horizontal sanding machine materials can choose a variety of varieties, if the basis and material contact with the material to distinguish, can be divided into two materials, one is carbon steel, the other is stainless steel, if according to the conditions of use and requirements to distinguish, horizontal sanding machine can pay dividends two kinds of motors, one is explosion-proof motor, the other is General motor , its model can actually be as high as 20 kinds. Horizontal sanding machine, as a kind of grinding equipment, is able to continuously carry out operations without interruption, with appropriate high operating efficiency. Horizontal sanding machine In the performance of the characteristics of a very prominent, its self-control performance is very good, the operation of the process of environmental pollution is also reduced to a lower, horizontal sanding machine structure design is very detailed and compact, beautiful appearance of made with, the cost of production is still very low, is a cost-effective grinding equipment, the use and maintenance is also very easy The practicality is very strong.
Nano Grinding is our world, the perfect automation solution is our policy. Is the use of the pump will be through the mixer pre-lax wet treatment after the solid-liquid mixed material input cylinder body, the material and cylinder body of the grinding medium is stirred by high-speed rotating dispersant, so that the object guessed solid particles and grinding media each other to produce a more intense collision, conflict, shear effect, To speed up the grinding fine particles and lax polymerization of the collective purpose. After grinding and dispersing the material through the dynamic separator separation from the grinding medium, from the discharge pipe outflow.  Horizontal sanding machine is particularly suitable for dispersing abrasive viscosity high and granularity requirements of fine products. With the rapid development of science and technology, grinding technology continues to improve, which also allows grinding equipment in the continuous update and improvement, and later launched a variety of multi-functional models of grinding machine.
In addition to the above abbreviated optional equipment is also like: pump equipment, rotor structure equipment, sealing form of equipment, cooling peripheral equipment and so on, in detail can also be the actual use of customers to consider, more appropriate is good.



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