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  • Low Speed mixer

    Low Speed mixer

    Low-speed mixer is an efficient mixing mixing equipment, can be used frame type, anchor type, disc type, screw belt type, paddle type, propu

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  • High speed dispersion machine

    High speed dispersion...

    High-speed dispersion machine is mainly to the different viscosity slurry liquid material crushing dispersion, through the high-speed operat

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  • Mixing tank

    Mixing tank

    The kettle is through the study of the mixing and flow of materials in the reactor, using the experience formula of the study to plan out, v

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  • Three-axis multifunctional mixer

    Three-axis multifunct...

    Multi-function Mixer set low-speed strong stirring and high-speed LAX/emulsifying multi-functional in one, the medium and high viscosity and

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  • Dual Planetary Power Mixer

    Dual Planetary Power ...

    Dual planetary Power Mixer is a new type of high-efficiency mixing equipment which mixes, dissolves, disperses and homogenization of a varie

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  • Twin Planet Mixer

    Twin Planet Mixer

    The agitator blades of the two-planet mixer are rotated at the same time as the rotation, so that the material in the tank is looped up and

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  • Rod Pin Type nano-grade grinder

    Rod Pin Type nano-gra...

    This product selection of European advanced fluid grinding technology, grinding rotor selection of high wear-resistant zirconia ceramic raw

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  • Large Flow horizontal Grinding machine

    Large Flow horizontal...

    Ultra-large high-flow high-efficiency horizontal grinder, compared with other sanding machines, the use of more extensive, the applicable pr

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  • High viscosity Horizontal Grinder

    High viscosity Horizo...

    High viscosity horizontal sanding machine, suitable for any high viscosity materials (offset printing and UV ink) with high requirements for

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  • Industrial-grade Basket Grinder

    Industrial-grade Bask...

    Change the traditional decentralized grinding method, set dispersion, grinding function in a process to complete. At the same time, cleaning

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  • Disc Micron Grinder

    Disc Micron Grinder

    Disc Micron Grinder, is a wet grinding equipment that can grind materials to micron level, efficient double cooling system and micro-gap cen

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  • Turbine Nano Grinding Machine

    Turbine Nano Grinding...

    Grinding equipment for nanometer data and nanoparticles our newly developed nano-sanding machine can easily grind nano-grade data ultra-prec

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