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Do you understand the application of nano-sanding machines in electronic information?


Modern electronic industry and information industry and the current microelectronics technology has a dependent relationship, and now the integrated circuit is the basis of microelectronics technology, in today's electronic integrated chip equipment scale has been reduced to the depth of sub-micron (100nm) level, has been close to the electron wavelength of the magnitude. With the further reduction of the scale of equipment, lithography technology has been constrained to improve integration and speed and reduce power consumption. Microelectronics equipment is faced with the conversion to nano-electronic equipment, which will make the concept of electronic equipment transformation, to develop a new integrated circuit block manufacturing methods, integrated circuits will be replaced by nano-integrated circuits. Nano-electronic equipment in the integration of the display of great superiority. If the density of the electronic chip components sold on the market is now 106bit/cm2, while the density of the nano-level functional elements can reach 1012bit/cm2, in this integration, a 3.5in disk can be deposited into 5 million books. The amazing function of nano-electronic equipment. will produce a qualitative leap, which will lead to a breakthrough in computer changes, will greatly promote the development of the information society.
Nano-Electronics andNano Sand Grinder, Optoelectronics and other technologies, can be in aerospace, communications, microelectromechanical, bionic and military areas in the scope of serious and encouraging development and use. If you can manufacture a satellite, not only small size, small quality, manufacturing costs can be reduced, but also to assist the work is sensitive, dealing with the existing technology can not deal with the problem. The United States "Pioneer 1th" is a satellite, its diameter is only 16.3cm, the mass is 1.5kg, the United Kingdom has also launched a 6kg NA satellite, its promotion system only 450g fuel for 32.6g butane.
For example, in the Microelectromechanical Range, Japan has successfully developed only 1-2mm electrostatic engines and rice grains of the size of the car, Germany has successfully developed a helicopter that is simply invisible to the naked eye.
Magnetic recording is an important technology of information storage and processing, and with the development of scientific skills, the density of required records is increasing. 20th century 80 o'clock, there were high-density tapes produced with Fe, Co, ni and other metal ultrafine particles, and powders with granularity of 20-30nm were suitable for longitudinal and straight recording, and their recording density could reach 107bit/in, and the noise could be reduced, and the communication noise ratio could be increased, and the storage components manufactured by them had been commercialized. Some strong magnetic ultrafine powders can be used to make credit cards, tickets and magnetic keys.
Nanoparticles and nanomaterials in many areas have an important use and broad prospects for development, and the emergence of nano-material sanding machine-nano-sanding machine thoroughly deal with the ultra-fine problem of nanomaterials, so that the non-fineness of nanomaterials worry, higher efficiency, finer fineness, so nano-sanding machine in nano-electronic materials, nano-ceramic materials , nano-grade pigment dyes and other nano-level industries are important, to achieve ultra-precision nano-grade grinding of the labor performance non-nano-sanding mill mo!