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Take you through the most common methods in nano-sanding machines

Mechanical dispersion method is the use of mechanical methods (commonNano Sand GrinderHigh-speed rotary drive grinding zirconium beads so that zirconium beads drive material high-speed conflict, mutual kneading, shear) to add lipid film appearance product, the mechanical energy into the process of appearance energy, the degree of this change depends on the nature of the drug, mechanical energy method to strengthen the degree. The use of such methods generally constitutes a multilayer liposome. The water phase volume encapsulated in the lipid film accounts for only a small part of the total volume. About 5% 10%, which is not suitable for encapsulation of water-soluble drugs. For fat-soluble drugs, the encapsulation rate can even be as high as hundred. According to the detailed implementation process, the mechanical dispersion method can be divided into nano-grinding machine high-speed grinding method, high-speed emulsion homogenization method, ultrasonic lax method, powder bed grinding method, spray drying method, pressurized extrusion method and centrifugal method.

The principle of preparing liposomes by mechanical lax method is illustrated by centrifugation. As shown in Figure 16-25, organic solvents containing phospholipids and cholesterol are added to the aqueous solution and dispersed into small droplets under the action of ultrasound. Phospholipids and cholesterol are adsorbed on the appearance of water droplets to form a single molecular membrane, resulting in oil-coated microemulsion. After the microemulsion is transferred to the buffer aqueous solution, the excess phospholipids and cholesterol in the organic solvent are agile to generate a single molecular membrane at the oil-water interface of the buffer, and under the action of Centrifugal force, the single molecular membrane of the oil-water interface surrounds the small droplets of water passing through the gas phase, and then constitutes the liposomes.
Mechanical lax Method (this article generally refers to nano-sanding machine high-speed grinding) simple operation, good reproducibility, do not need gel filtration, dialysis, concentration and other operations, can be used in higher lipid concentration to prepare large volume liposomes, the encapsulation rate is relatively high.
Mechanical dispersion method is a variety of methods, in the current use of Zui good, technical zui new and grinding nanometer fineness is better to get a lot of users recognized is nano-sanding machine.
According to the geometry of the grinding appearance of the nano-sanding machine, the grinding of nano-sanding machine can be applied to the processing of foreign appearance, inner hole appearance, circle who appearance, thread appearance, various planes (one plane, two parallel or straight plane and multiple facies plane) and various surfaces (spherical, curved surface, etc.).
According to its processing properties, nano-sanding mill grinding in addition to competent precision mechanical finishing, but also can be used in roughing. such as some plate, disk-shaped porous parts of the deburring processing, some powder die castings before use, the appearance of the removal of flying edges and dents, such as coarse flat processing, some non-conductive magnetic workpieces (such as cemented carbide, stainless steel and some non-ferrous metal parts, etc.), due to the grinder electromagnetic suction cup can not be sucked and multiple processing, The Nano-sanding mill is used to grind the large size of the blank to the residual processing as well as some rough repair work and so on.