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A brief analysis of what should be paid attention to when purchasing horizontal grinding machine

Nowadays, more and more industrial-grade manufacturers tend to high-speed, fast, green, intelligent production mode, the future development and use of sanding machine more compatible with customer production needs, new grinding machine will replace the traditional grinding machine. whichHorizontal Grinding MachineIt is a kind of ultra-particle dispersion machine with horizontal wet continuous production, which has simple operation and high grinding efficiency. So buy horizontal sanding machine to pay attention to what problems? The following by quit (Shanghai) Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. technical staff for you to introduce:
First, the material of grinding barrel body
In the horizontal sanding machine, there are many manufacturers grinding barrel body most are used stainless steel raw materials, materials in the grinding bucket inside the grinding of the meson pure zirconia beads and material attack hit and barrel attack friction to achieve a grinding effect, if the more specific proportion of the grinding, the greater the intensity of the hit, The fineness of the material grinding is very simple down, the lighter the specific gravity of the intensity of the less fineness is difficult to come down.
Second, the material of grinding bucket rotor
In the horizontal sanding process above said the main two kinds, one is the disc grinding plate, the second is the rod pin type grinding bucket and rod pin type rotor, in the grinding fineness above the moment to be long, in the rod pin horizontal grinding machine process is line-type movement and linear movement of two kinds, the limit speed per second is in 12m/s ( Mainly refers to a speed at which zirconium beads move inside the barrel). Therefore, the rod PIN type horizontal sanding machine is much more obvious than the grinding effect of the disc horizontal sand grinder.
Iii. separation equipment for materials and grinding mesons (zirconium beads)
In the horizontal horizontal grinding machine inside the material and grinding medium separation of the time is mainly the choice of interval separation equipment, the interval separator equipment is mainly composed of static ring and dynamic ring two parts.
Iv. cooling effect of mechanical seals and equipment
Zui important mechanical seal circulating liquid selection of solvents or water dissolved with abrasive materials, to avoid the product in the production of polluting products accidents, resulting in unnecessary economic losses. In the equipment of the barrel body cooling is mainly the choice of water cooling, mainly in these aspects of cooling: mechanical seals, grinding barrel body, front-end plate, axis four-bit cooling.
V. Production efficiency
Because the structure design is very reasonable, special two-order tungsten steel rod pin (bar ding) design, with high-energy grinding zirconium beads, high efficiency, and can also be based on the output value of double single gap discharge, the output value is 1 time times or more than the ordinary machine, which has no impact on product quality.
Above the purchase of horizontal sanding machine to pay attention to which problems are introduced here, horizontal sand grinder research has a good wear resistance, but also to increase the ability of cutting and speed up heat dissipation and other functions.