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Teach you how to choose the right horizontal sanding machine

Horizontal Grinding Machineis a widely used in coatings, dyes, paints, inks, pharmaceuticals, magnetic horizontal Grinding machine powder, ferrite, photosensitive film, pesticides, paper and cosmetics and other non-metallic mineral industry of high-efficiency wet ultra-micro grinding dispersion machinery. Horizontal sanding machine According to different structure can be divided into ordinary horizontal sanding machine, wheel pin horizontal sand grinder, gear plate horizontal sanding machine and turbine horizontal sanding machine. Horizontal grinding Machine Set now the essence of domestic and foreign models, with high efficiency, strong continuity of work, less pollution, self-control and other advantages, and low cost, compact structure, generous shape, easy to use and maintain, especially has a strong practicality.
1. Grinding barrel Body raw materials: in the sand mill industry, there are many manufacturers grinding barrel body are mostly used stainless steel raw materials, in the non-embroidered steel raw materials are also divided into many species, need to be recognized by the owners themselves.
2. Grinding barrel Rotor raw material: in the sand mill process above, mainly divided into two kinds, one is the disc type grinding disk, the second is the rod pin type grinding bucket and rod pin type rotor. The grinding effect of the rod pin type sanding machine is much more significant than that of the disc mill.
3. Material and grinding meson (zirconium beads) separation device: In the horizontal sanding machine inside the material and grinding medium separation is mainly the choice of distance separation device, the distance separator is the first two parts of the static ring and the dynamic ring.
4. Mechanical seal and equipment cooling effect: mechanical seal whether there is leakage, how many hours of service life. The key is to see that the mechanical seal circulating fluid is selected by the grinding material soluble solvent or water, to avoid the product in the production of pollution products accident, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.
5. Productivity aspects: Whether the structural design is reasonable determines the production efficiency and the quality of the product.
6. Operation: The main control part of the machine is very centralized and easy to operate.
7. Color change, cleaning, and replacement of zirconium beads convenient: mainly understand whether the grinding cavity without dead angle design, self-cleaning effect.
8. Safety protection function is complete: the whole machine electrical materials selection, quality and safety.