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I'll show you what's wrong with the ceramic sanding machine. How to Repair

Because of the wide usability of the sanding machine, it also makesCeramic Sanding MachineMaintenance has become a regular work, some of the higher quality sanding machine has a long service life, but in the maintenance work if not well maintained will have a direct impact on the service life of the sanding machine and operating efficiency. In order to prevent the sanding machine in the working process will appear abnormal, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, in addition to the requirements of routine maintenance, but also regular stop grinding, hollow shaft, main bearing, cylinder and reducer, as well as the big gear and other important parts to do a serious look. Then draw up the relevant maintenance plan. Below we ceramic sanding machine manufacturers and we introduce the daily aspects of what to look at.
Sand grinder All the smooth oil in the sanding machine Zui can only run for one months to be released, the machine and add smooth oil for thorough cleaning, and a new replacement of new oil. In the future can also be based on the needs of 6 months to change oil once can be. The smoothness of each smooth point and the height of the oil surface should also be viewed regularly, at least once every 2 hours. During the operation of the mill, the temperature of the smooth oil of the main bearing is not higher than 58 ℃. And the temperature rise of the transmission bearing and reducer is not higher than the 58℃,zui height does not exceed 70 ℃. The transmission of large and small gears should be very smooth, and there will be no abnormal noise. It is also necessary to adjust the gap in time. The sanding machine is running very smoothly and will not have a strong vibration. The current of the motor also does not fluctuate abnormally. Each connection outside the important firmware is not loose, the combination of no oil leakage, leakage and no ink leakage and other phenomena. Steel balls should be increased in time when they are easy to wear. If abnormal phenomenon is found, the immediate stop grinding view and repair. When the mill liner is worn with a wear rate of 80% or has a crack of 90mm long, it should be replaced in time. When the main bearing appears severe wear and tear, it is also to be replaced. When the grate plate of the lattice sanding machine is worn out, it should be replaced immediately if it can no longer be welded. If the large gear gear surface is subjected to a certain amount of wear and tear without a rush to replace, can be continuously used to flip the face. All parts only need to appear wear can no longer be used to update to be sustainable use. The above is about ceramic sanding machine for viewing and maintenance needs to pay attention to the aspects.
First, in the use of the process, if the ceramic sanding machine temperature is too high or too large pressure, should check whether the sanding machine discharge screen is blocked, should immediately stop to see, not strong boot operation.
Second, as an important part of the sanding machine, zirconium beads, we are often cleaned and replaced by the need. When using the new zirconium beads, to eliminate the impurities on the edge of the zirconium beads, and the sand mill in the high columnar cleaning, to avoid because of the new zirconium beads doped impurities and make the sanding machine blocked.
Third, in order to ensure the use of the role, we need real-time understanding of the use of sanding machine. For example, the sanding machine is kept clean and clean to ensure that the grinder can be reflected from the sand grinder viewing window in a timely manner in the event of a problem, so as to prevent a series of hassle resulting from the inability to spot problems.
Iv. if the coupling of the ceramic sanding machine does not move, then use the pump to penetrate the solvent. Move after dissolution. Do not force the start to prevent damage to the friction sheet.