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A brief analysis of the new preparation technology of experimental nano-sand Grinder

A new process for organic and inorganic nano-grade composite antimicrobial agents:
(1) Innovative inorganic and organic composite antimicrobial agents integrated interlayer puncture technology and ultra-fine wet grinding multi-stage loose new process. This innovative process fundamentally and completely solves the shortcomings of the traditional industrial production of similar products, such as long process flow, large labor intensity, easy assembly of particles, difficult to loosen and so on, to fill the domestic gap.
(2) The ultra-fine level is high, the pass rate of the particles can reach more than 95%, after testing, its five out of 10,000 concentration of aqueous solution on the wavelength of 280 400nm UV medium and long wave shielding rate of up to 99. 8% or more.
(3) Advanced production process Road, short reaction time, high reactant concentration, low reaction temperature, is a liquid phase method of synthesis of nano-particles. Production process pollution-free, less investment, low cost, is the domestic and foreign similar product cost of 1/6, product prices are imported products 1/4 short process, small labor intensity, particles easy to assemble.
(4) The main materials and auxiliary materials selected are mostly natural green environmental protection materials. The traditional industry of main materials has little use, development and use is blank, resulting in a great waste of resources. This undoubtedly coincides with China's efficient use of resources, protect the ecological environment, take the harmonious development of population, resources, sustainable development and other policies.
(5) The development of inorganic nano-antimicrobial agent technology by China's authoritative organs, experts determined that has now arrived at the domestic metalworking level. In the international, with Japan, Germany Nano-antimicrobial production technology to achieve a level of equality, and in the cost of product resources, than Japan, Germany, the United States has a great advantage. Therefore, in the market competition, in the replacement of imported products in a favorable position.
(6) technology can effectively promote the progress of traditional industries, drive the development of ceramics, environmental protection, coatings, fibers, cosmetics, paper, plastics, rubber and other related industries, and then cultivate the development of new industrial and basic industry materials industry.
The preparation process of nano-composite antimicrobial agent is: nano-hole carrier (inorganic) material-wet ultrafine grinding (generally referred to asNano Sand Grinder)--Antimicrobial ingredients (organic) absorption-dissolution control-nano-composite antimicrobial agent.
The wet ultrafine grinding of the nano-hole carrier material is selected by the experimental nano-grinding machine, the medium is zirconium bead, and the absorption of the opposing components of the nano-hole carrier is carried out by ion exchange, and the antibacterial component solution and the nano-hole material sample called according to the required solid liquid ratio are mixed, and the solid liquid is separated and washed and cleaned ; After the nano-pore carrier communicates and absorbs the antibacterial components, it is roasted in the maver furnace to dissolve and control the antibacterial components.