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Application of coating sand grinder in coatings industry

Water lax powder Coating (also known as slurry coating) is the resin, curing agent, pigment, filler and additives mixed, cooled and damaged by melting (generally through the coatingSand GrinderUltra-fine grinding to reach the damage), sieved powder Coating lax to the water medium obtained; perhaps solvent-based coatings are deposited to obtain wet paint, and then add the necessary water, loosening agent, thickener and preservatives, such as LAX to obtain slurry coating.
Characteristics of ① Water LAX powder coatings This coating has both waterborne coating characteristics and powder coating features, but has the following advantages over waterborne coatings: A. No organic solvents, no air pollution; b. A thicker coating 70-100um;c can be obtained with a single coating. Less water-soluble additives than latex coatings; d. The water evaporates quickly, the placement time is short before baking, and the paste can be baked immediately after coating; E. than water-soluble paint water-soluble substances, there is no water-soluble amine and other harmful impurities, wastewater treatment is relatively simple; F. The effect of humidity in construction is smaller than that of water-soluble coatings, and the pollution to the spraying chamber is small.
2. Manufacturing methods of coatings The manufacturing method of this coating is basically a combination of solvent-based and powder coating manufacturing methods, which can be divided into semi-wet method and full wet method. Semi-wet method is used to grind the coating sanding machine to a certain fineness, dispatching viscosity to obtain the required solid concentration. There are several methods of full wet method, one is in powder resin, pigment, filler, loosening agent and additive and other materials to add water to the coating sanding machine grinding to the required granularity, and then dispatch viscosity to the required solid concentration. The other is the first synthetic resin solution, and then the reinforcement agent and other coating components through the coating sanding machine grinding to a certain fineness, with a double-nozzle spray gun sprayed into the certain amount of water, so that solid-shaped paint particles are folded out. Because of the suspension of the bubble, the pigment floats to the surface of the water by the conveyor belt, after filtration, washing to obtain a certain amount of moisture content of thick water slurry coating semi-finished products. The granularity dispersion of the water-lax powder coating obtained by the method of ultra-fine grinding of the coating grinder is uniform, the particles are approximately spherical, and the construction function of the coating and the integrity of the coating film are good.
3, art powder coating in powder coatings, assuming changes in the type and dosage of resins, curing agents, pigments, fillers and auxiliaries, can get wrinkles, hammer lines, tortoise lines and all light and other fine arts paint, but also can get semi-light and non-light paint.
Hammer Powder Coating Although powder coating can not get like solvent-based paint as attractive as the hammer coating film, but can get small and tight hammer pattern picture. Hammer drawings are obtained by adding other hammer-grain auxiliaries. Hammer additives can be used as silicone resin or non-silicone resin, dry mixing method to add to the damaged powder coating. The drawings obtained with silicone resins are similar to the coating appearance of solvent-based coatings, but are simply pinhole, while non-silicone resins can get better pictures than silicones. Hammer Powder coating can be used in castings, spot welding parts and so on. Because the coating film may occur pinhole, does not apply to the field durability coating.
All of the above paint has its own characteristics, and the use of manufacturing process are slightly different, but the root of ultra-fine grinding damage This art is the same, because now the paint work widely selected grinding method is the use of paint sanding machine for strong lax grinding, to achieve the required fineness requirements of paint!