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Do you know the connection between nano-medical materials and nano-sanding machines?


ByNano Sand GrinderNano-medical materials after ultra-precision grinding mainly refer to biomaterials, used in biological systems to join, treat or replace materials arranged, organs or enhanced functions in biological bodies. such as the production of artificial cardiopulmonary, liver and kidney materials. It should have with biological systems
The basic characteristics of direct bonding, and the more ideal material with this basic characteristic should have life activity.
Medical research on the organs and arrangements of organisms indicates that in bones, teeth and tendons, there are nanostructured materials formed by nanoparticles, from the point of view of bionics, the materials prepared by artificial nanoparticles will have better bonding. As a result, scientists believe that nanomaterials will become an important biological medicine material in the 21st century.
2. Use of nanoparticles in drugs
Many studies have indicated that the treatment of the disease will have a significant effect when the drugs that have been slightly crushed by nano-sanding machines reach the nanometer standard. The solubility of nano-drugs will be greatly increased, can be greatly absorbed by the human body in a limited period of time, rather than only partially absorbed and used, as in the case of general granular drugs, and less or mostly excreted through human metabolism. And through the control of the particle size size and particle size distribution of nano-drug, the rate of drug release can be controlled, and the effect and utilization rate of the drug should be improved. such as various types of rib drugs, lowering (blood) calcium and (T) Type diabetes drug insulin and other drugs.
3. Nano-grade imitation Biology machines and nano-robots in medicine
The cells in the creature are nanoscale machines, which, because they are small and can accurately and independently end the messy "task." The development of nano-science and nanomaterials enables people to develop nano-bionic machines using biological principles on nano-standards, the more tempting of which is nano-robots.
Nano-robots are also nano-medical devices. The standards for nano-components are generally 1-100nm, and robots assembled by these components, such as those that flow through blood vessels, do not exceed 3um "; nano-robot standards that do not need to flow through blood vessels can be used in 50-l00um. The standard for robots entering the digestive tract and bronchus can be greater.
Medical Nano-robots are severely isolated inside and outside, and are disclosed outside the body's messy systems. Robot inside is generally a vacuum, for the independent operating system, body fluids can not be freely entered, out, relying on the robot's special components have selected parts, controlled in and out. The Way nano-robots enter human blood is to make 101,211,013 nano-robots for injections in 3mL saline.
Artificial mechanical red blood cells are more specific nano-robot analogy, the practice is a miniature pressure tank equipment, the appearance of gas sensors, can be pumped into oxygen and carbon dioxide, and can be controlled release, its function is modeled after natural red blood cells, but its power is 236 times times that of natural red blood cells, When the injection 5ml contains 50% artificial mechanical erythrocyte solution into the blood vessels, it can reach the oxygen and carbon dioxide carrying ability of adults (5400mL).
And Zui has the prospect is the nano-robot which contains nano-computer, can man-machine dialogue, has its own messy ability to develop successfully, can end billions of operation action in 1s, in the human body to carry out nondestructive injury examination, treatment type operation and correction and so on, will play the effect and the effect which cannot be ignored.
The development of nano-science and nanotechnology means that medicine will enter the super-micro era. This will lead to an innovation in medical immunization, prevention, health care, condition diagnosis, examination, medicine, surgery, treatment and rehabilitation, which will usher in a whole new era in medicine.
And the prospect of nano-sanding machine will be a general and more extensive analysis of Jiangsu and Zhejiang nanomaterials!