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Lab Three Roller Grinder

Lab Three Roller Grinder

Product Details

Three-roll grinding is mainly used in a variety of paints, inks, pigments, plastics, food and other liquid slurry (not suitable for grinding with acid and alkali components or enough to lead to roller corrosion of pigments) of the pre-test needs, for mass production to provide the correct data.
TheLab Grinding MachineThrough the machine horizontal arrangement of the appearance of three rollers to each other squeeze and different speed of conflict to reach the grinding effect, grinding materials generally only need to grind two times to reach the requirements, difficult to grind materials need to grind many times, in order to reach the requirements, higher processing ingenuity can generally reach about 3-18um (with fineness plate determination).
Mainly used in a variety of inks, paints, pigments, jian, artificial leather, plastic, grease, chocolate and other paste materials. Special application of high grinding viscosity, fineness requirements of good products. The machine has high hardness and wear resistance, as well as cooling equipment to ensure continuous operation.
Product Features
1, equipment covers a small area, lightweight equipment, easy to move.
2, suitable for high viscosity fluid grinding.
3, grinding fineness can reach 3-18um.


Technical parameters

Model (Mode & Spec.)

Motor (Power for Press) KW

Speed (Speed)


Roller straight (Roller Diameter) mm

Roller length (Roller Length) mm


(Dimensions) mm