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Dispersed grinding all-in-one machine

Dispersed grinding all-in-one machine

Product Details

Laboratory dispersion grinding all-in-one is the selection of foreign new technology design of new products, the product focuses on stirring, grinding, dispersion of a variety of equipment functions in one, is the laboratory personnel more ideal test equipment.
ThisGrinding MachineUsing electronic constant force speed regulation line, the number directly shows the rotational speed of the rotating shaft, and is equipped with dispersed impeller and sand grinder. It can adapt to the different test requirements of the laboratory, and can directly calculate the relationship between stirring, dispersion, the speed of abrasive blades and material viscosity and chemical reaction rate according to the apparent rotational axis speed, so as to supply the correct data for mass production.
Product Features
1, equipment covers a small area, lightweight equipment, easy to move.
2, grinding fineness can reach sub-micron.


Technical parameters

Model (Mode & Spec.)

Motor (Power for Press) KW

Grinding cylinder Volume (Volume) L

Processing batch (Yield) L

Dimensions (Dimensions) mm

Grinding Media

(zirconia beads) mm