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Mixing tank

Mixing tank

Product Details

The kettle is through the study of the mixing and flow of materials in the reactor, using the experience formula of the study to plan out, very suitable for the production needs of small and medium-sized chemical enterprises. The study shows that the chemical process beyond 50% is an intermittent operation in a mixing reactor, which is even higher in small and medium-sized chemical enterprises, so the high level of mixer planning and operation has a serious impact on the production process, safety, product quality and energy consumption of chemical production.
  MixerThe kettle reactor consists of a agitator and a kettle body. The mixer comprises a transmission device, a mixing shaft (including an axle seal), an impeller (mixing paddle), and a kettle body comprises a cylinder body, a jacket and an inner piece, a coil, a diversion tube, etc. There are hundreds of mixing kettle reactors used in industry, which can be divided into homogeneous reactors and heterogeneous reactors according to the phase of the reaction material. Heterogeneous reactors include solid-liquid reactors, liquid-liquid reactors, gas-liquid reactors and gaseous-liquid-solid three-phase reactors.
Product Features:
Standard Multi-ability to complete large-scale production needs;
Low shear, low cycle, low energy consumption, strong bearing capacity;
The paddle Ye Xian is made by casting or welding method, which has high strength and convenient installation and disassembly.
Customer process requirements, custom heat transfer device, including jacket, coil and other heating methods;
According to customer process requirements, can choose explosion-proof, positive and negative pressure and other configurations;
According to customer process requirements, can be customized all kinds of mixing methods, as well as the combination of ways.