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Lab Micron Grinding Machine

Lab Micron Grinding Machine

Product Details

This paragraphGrinding MachineClosed structure, used for wet ultra-fine grinding dispersed in the liquid solid granular materials, suitable for repeated grinding or cyclic grinding and dispersion operation, material pump into the sanding machine, in a very short period of time can achieve ultra-fine grinding and dispersion effect, product fineness, low energy consumption.
This product is widely used in coatings, inks, cosmetics, pesticides and so on, because of high cost performance, by the vast university, scientific research units hot welcome.
Product Features
1, equipment covers a small area, lightweight equipment, easy to move.
2, the scope of application is wide, compared to the ordinary grinding machine power increase of 20%.
3, suitable for fluid grinding below 8000cps.
4, grinding fineness can reach sub-micron.
5, easy to use, easy to operate, with its own frequency conversion speed regulation function.
6, equipment mixing parts and inner cylinders are ceramic materials, do not pollute the material.


Technical parameters

Model (Mode & Spec.)

Motor (Power for Press) KW

Grinding cylinder Volume (Volume) L

Processing batch (Yield) L

Dimensions (Dimensions) mm

Grinding Media

(zirconia beads) mm