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Storage tank

Storage tank

Product Details

Steel sealed containers for storing liquids or gases are steel storage tanks, steel tank engineering is an essential and important basic equipment for petroleum, chemical, grain and oil, food, fire protection, transportation, metallurgy, national defense and other industries, our economic life is always inseparable from large and small steel storage tanks, There is no substitute for the important role played by steel storage tanks in the development of national economy. With the continuous development of the immediate storage industry, more and more occupations and enterprises are used in storage tanks, more and more enterprises have entered the tank industry, steel storage tanks are storage of a variety of liquid (or gas) raw materials and finished products of special equipment, for many enterprises can not be normal production without tanks, In particular, the storage of strategic goods are inseparable from a variety of capacities and types of storage tanks. Most of the oil storage equipment in China is mainly on the ground storage tank, and the metal structure is mostly.
Product Features:
Non-standard customization, specifications can be selected: 2-500000L;
Optional raw materials: carbon steel, SUS304, SUS316;
Optional: Weighing module, liquid level meter, thermometer and other control appearance and system linkage control.