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Product Details

The filter system contains a stainless steel standard type filter or iron remover, imported original pneumatic diaphragm pump, rotor pump or gear pump, pneumatic controller, one-way control valve, equipment in the convenient moving trolley, can be freely moved to any production line supporting the work.
and filling machine matching, can constitute a linkage of self-control under the state of filtration, transportation, filling production line;
Matching with the tank can form a filter and conveyor line under the automatic control state of fast filtration and conveying.
With the coating head supporting, can constitute a pressure conveyor under the state of automatic control filtration, conveyor production line;
With the hydraulic discharge machine supporting, the first treatment of high viscosity material filtration, can be matched with the continuous production of filling machine.
Mainly applicable to battery slurry, adhesives, adhesives, paints, inks, coatings, medical supplies, chemical additives, cosmetics, textile supplies, chemical supplies and so on.
Main Features:
To meet a variety of viscosity and feeding pressure conditions for use, a wide range of use;
Fast Card filter, filter car All-in-one, convenient to clean up the movement;
Can be based on material requirements, non-standard design, custom filter number, explosion-proof and so on.