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Bucket Washing Machine

Bucket Washing Machine

Product Details

Barrel washing machine is based on edible oil packaging filling enterprises recovered from the turnover bucket cleaning requirements, the development of products. Commonly known as the bucket machine, oil bucket washing machine, oil bucket cleaning machine, plastic bucket washing machine, edible oil turnover bucket barrel washing machine. Can be used in other industries washing barrels: such as soy sauce, vinegar, wine, food detergent and other needs to clean the turnover bucket industry.

How it works:
1, cleaning control A: Through the solenoid valve control three cylinders telescopic, drive the opening and closing action of cleaning;
2, cleaning control B: Through the solenoid valve control cylinder drive barrel cover lifting, sealing, while manipulating the hydraulic station lifting cylinder to drive cleaning and lifting to clean the entire barrel wall;
3, barrel positioning control: Through the solenoid valve control locking cylinder, complete clamping barrel positioning;
4, cleaning liquid recovery and filtration control: through the pneumatic diaphragm pump, the pumped back of the cleaning solution mixed waste filter.