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Inverted Bag Station

Inverted Bag Station

Product Details

Manually after the bag is broken open the material into the discharge station of the open bag equipment, according to the process requirements can be combined with the vibration hopper or mixing hopper for loading, for small bags of powdery materials unloading work.
How it works:
The operator placed the bag on the bracket and pushed it into the grid. The operator then cuts the bag open with a vertical gash and dumps the jitter bag to empty it, and the material falls into the hopper by power, and can be connected to the shipping unit equipment through the transport pipe at the bottom, using the material useful output to the specified azimuth. The built-in wind dust filter can collect dust from the dust produced during the emptying of the bag. The filter is cleaned by reverse compressed air injection, and the dust is dropped back into the hopper, which can complete a succession of uninterrupted feeding.
Product Features:
A) simple structure, safe and convenient operation, easy to protect;
b) Dust-free operation, complete the full closed bag feeding and pipeline delivery;
c) No dead angle design, easy to clean;
d) Automated dust collection system to eliminate dust flying, improve the working environment;
e) Various specifications of the open Bag station can be satisfied with the different processing capacity requirements;
f) applicable to pharmaceutical, food, chemical, battery and other industries that touch the powder;
Specification Parameters:
g) Model: SDS800;
h) Discharge weight: 10~50kg/bag;
i) unloading speed: 80~160bags/h;
j) Filtration Area: 9m?;
k) Filtration accuracy: 2um;
L) Gas consumption: 0.5m?;