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Vacuum Feeding Machine

Vacuum Feeding Machine

Product Details

Pneumatic vacuum transport equipment is the use of compressed air as a power source to achieve the delivery of a variety of materials, it does not need mechanical vacuum pump, with a simple structure, small size, maintenance-free, low noise, easy to control, eliminate material electrostatic and comply with GMP requirements and other advantages. Vacuum generator Attack of the high vacuum, so that the transport of materials to eradicate the stratification phenomenon, to ensure that the composition of the mixed materials uniformity, is the press, mixer, filler, dry granulator, packaging machine, grinder, vibration screen and reaction kettle and other equipment automatic feeding of the preferred equipment.
How it works:
Vacuum transport equipment in a vacuum to form a airflow, in this airflow effect of the material transported in an instant through the suction hose or pipe to transport bulk materials to another container. Because the material is always in a vacuum during delivery, it does not leak into the surrounding environment even if the seizure material leaks.
Product Features:
1, Safety: No need for electrical energy, mechanical energy, only after compressed air can control and run the entire system, the work process without heat attack, safety and explosion-proof. Useful to eliminate material static electricity, no pollution to the surrounding environment;
2, simple: Automatic control, in 0-30 seconds at will set the time of suction and discharge, simple and convenient operation;
3, Health: Closed transport, no dust leakage, no cross-contamination, in line with GMP specifications, to meet CIP requirements;, can provide sterile grade products
4, lightweight: small size, light weight, simple installation, convenient;
5, quiet: No sensation, low noise
6, Clean: dust-free operation, modular design, root dead angle, disassembly, cleaning and material exchange convenience, convenience;
7, the economy: a machine can be used for multiple sets of equipment, high efficiency and energy saving, no need for heating machine, standby, low operation and maintenance costs;
8, efficient: transport flow up to 6 tons/hour, transport distance level Zui far 50m, vertical Zui high m, useful to solve the layered phenomenon of powder particles.

SP006Type: Conveying capacity40-500kg/hHeavy$ kg

SP012Type: Conveying capacity100-1200kg/hHeavy$ kg

SP025Type: Conveying capacity240-2100kg/hHeavy32kg

SP050Type: Conveying capacity500-4000kg/hHeavyUp to Kg

SP100Type: Conveying capacity1000-6500kg/hHeavy70kg